A strong team to cover every eventuality.

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You'll find in our consultants competent specialists with a wide range of expertise.

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  • Claas Börstinghaus
  • Julia Dozora
  • Susanne Heinlein
  • Nicole Hermes
  • Björn Heukeroth
  • Dr. Patrick Hoffmann
  • Uwe Köster
  • Daniela Künnemann
  • Michael Lingnau
  • Lea Nötting
  • Claudia Rohaus
  • Lisa Rolleri
  • Dr. Matthias Sommer
  • Beate Spruner von Mertz
  • Karina Stein
  • Rainer Störring
  • Martin Thonfeld
  • Dr. Bernd Wehberg
  • Dirk Weischede
  • Prof. Dr. Jörn Westhoff
  • Elena Willmann
  • Dr. Ahmet Yilmaz
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